Activities of the Company


Bio Assets

Bio Assets is an investment company established in 2000 in São Paulo, Brazil with a focus on investing in environmental assets, projects which generate carbon emission reductions and biodiversity credits.
The company´s objective is to invest its own capital and to attract third party capital into developing and implementing projects which achieves the triple bottom line in sustainable development: social, environmental and economic sustainability.

Investment Capital:
Bio Assets invests directly in the businesses through the ownership of shares.a.

Management of Investments:
Direct management in the business is crucial for the success of these investments. Bio Assets together with its partners hires professional managers to administrate the businesses it controls.

Bio Assets also provides consulting in investments in carbon, biodiversity and renewable energy projects with focus in the Amazon Rainforest

Direct Investment:
Bio Assets is a private investment firm, which specializes businesses and projects in Brazil, especially with respect to environmental and carbon finance related projects in the Brazilian Amazon.

The company is the controlling entity of EcoMapuá Conservation Ltda. which is developing one of the largest carbon sequestration and biodiversity conservation projects in the Brazilian Amazon Forest.

Carbon & Biodiversity Advisory :
Bio Assets other than engaging in proprietary investments in environmental related businesses, will consider analyzing third party projects.
Bio Assets provides business, finance, carbon and biodiversity project development advisory in Brasil.
Because the culture, history, national business structures and practices in Brazil differ greatly from other Latin American countries, we provide specialized finance advice, as well as specific environmental and carbon advice.
Our unique expertise and experience in the Amazon enables us to do business with foreign companies interested in investing in the Amazon.

Established in 2000, our head office is in São Paulo. Bio Assets also works closely with major international development agencies, regional and international NGOs and environmental groups.

Our professionals have work experiences from major multinationals and are graduates of leading global academic institutions.

We have senior external advisors including several prominent business leaders, who help the firm with their strategic guidance and deep experience.